Welcome to Authentic Primitive Living…


Have you ever felt that there must be more to life? Or that there is something vital missing in the world? Perhaps you get frustrated and bogged down by this hectic and virtual world we are currently grappling with. You are not alone! Many people have the same feeling, myself included. I have found my own personal remedy to this depression, and believe the solution lies in enlightening yourself with Authentic Primitive Living.

What is primitive living? Primitive living is understanding your role in nature. Placing one’s self within the cycles of the natural environment the way our ancestors did decades, centuries and millennia ago. Why try and live above nature and dominate the landscape? Instead, you could place yourself within its domain and benefit from the many useful resources it offers.

My name is Andrew Minnick. It is my goal to help teach what I know and preserve the knowledge of our forefathers and mothers. I wish to be a steward of nature and the skills our species has used to survive since our creation. Come explore the site and discover the value of an authentically primitive life!