Learning how to use the natural materials around you is one of the primary factors of life in the wilderness. By educating yourself on the various uses and workability of the materials in your landscape, you can feel comfortable knowing how to make rope, fire, shelters, tools, weapons, pottery, baskets, and many other items necessary for life… beyond survival!

Flintknapping & Stone Tool Making: Discover how our ancestors used stone to make arrowheads, knives, spear points, hide-scrapers, axes, adzes, chisels, and celts. In this true stone-age class, you will experience how life was lived before steel knives and tools. Whether hunting, processing food, building shelters and homes, or crafting the natural materials around them, primitive humans had to understand the properties of certain stones and how to work them into the right tool for the job.

Basket Weaving: Get crafty and understand the plants with properties to plait! With different materials you can create a plethora of woven objects for day-to-day use beyond just containers to hold stuff. Learn to weave a fish trap, a quiver, sleeping mats, bark containers, knife sheaths, belts, and many other objects!

Fire Lighting: Explore primitive methods of creating fire beyond matches and butane! Need I say more? 

Bowyering (Bow & Arrow Making):  Primitive archery, bow & arrow workshops, and everything you ever wanted to know about how our ancestors flung sticks!