Plant and Mushroom Foraging

Discover the bounty of food and medicine right outside your door! Walk with an experienced guide in plant and mushroom hunting and identification. Schedule a personally guided hunt/walk, or join along on one of our group forays and make some new friends! Understand the availability of plant food sources in their seasons and habitats, and learn to harvest wild edible mushrooms from a trusted identifier. Take a walk into the “green pharmacy” and discover the power of nature’s medicinal gifts.

Group Walk: Grab a buddy and your basket and come hike with the club while learning either the most basic fundamentals of plant and mushroom foraging, or take away new tidbits if you’re already an avid forager! These hikes are a great way to introduce yourself or friends to collecting wild foods and the many other uses of plants and fungi. With a laid-back approach, you can not only walk/hike at your own pace but learn so as well. Call to reserve your spot!

Personal Guiding: Inquire within. This is for anyone with a specific goal in terms of successfully locating or identifying certain wild plants/fungi. Ginseng, Morel mushrooms, other rarities and exotics…

Herbalist Class: Identify medicinal plants, herbs, and fungi. Learn how to prepare plant medicines and understand their actions on the body.