Basic survival skills should be one of the key items in any nature enthusiast’s pack. However, the last item one hopes they ever have to use. We have all seen television shows putting our favorite wilderness superheros into “real life” scenarios, but how often are they actually entering a true survival situation? In a simple definition, survival means to apply corrective mechanisms in order to sustain life. This assumes death in the case you or your party of survivalists cannot apply immediate corrective decisions and subsequent action. I assume a true survival situation to include a serious injury, broken arm or leg, wet clothing and possible hypothermia, etc.

Learning these skills is important and one of the basic fundamental courses offered. I do not consider myself a survival expert, nor am I certified in CPR or emergency rescue. If you plan on entering a potentially dangerous adventure or expedition, I would highly recommend consulting an expert. I teach people how to live comfortably in the wilderness. To assess situations and prevent danger before it ever presents itself. Keeping your pack light and not depending on gear and technologies that may fail you is critical. Filling your brain full of knowledge and skills of how to live off the land is something no one can take away from you, and a sharp mind is the most important tool you can bring with you in the woods.

In my survival classes, you will learn basic survival in a “four seasons” style course. Over the weekend course(s) through the seasons, spend time learning survival by active role play scenarios. You will face challenges applicable to the environment, and real scenarios one would face (possibly based on true events and actual survival accounts). Among many other challenges, take part in a simulated buddy rescue, learn how to quickly build shelters and make fire in all seasons and conditions.